August 14

E79 – Patrick Garmeson is an Alabama boy with a knack for inshore fishing!

Alabama cranks out some fine inshore anglers! One of them joins us in this episode of Inshore Interviews.

Inshore Interviews Episode 79


Patric Garmeson is an Alabama native who grew up fishing Mobile Bay. When he was young, his family would simply anchor up and throw live or dead bait.

As he got older he learned to target specific species of fish. That is when his passion for inshore fishing really took off!

Worst Fishing Trip

He was on a trip with repeat clients when they experienced a tough bite. No matter how many spots they hit and how many presentations he tried he could not get a bite!

It was a grind to catch a trout and a flounder, but what he learned is this: he should not have kept grinding in one spot for so long. He says he should have kept moving and do what we call an "area change".

Fishing Smarter

He was told by an experienced guide to leave all his tackle and fish with a single hook. No egg sinkers, no extra tackle.

This caused Patric to learn how to fish more effectively and, as a result, he caught more speckled trout. He was truly doing more with less!

Fishing a New Area

When fishing a new area, Patric begins with Google Earth, to get the lay of the land. Once he gets out there he looks for some kind of activity to cue him onto biting fish. These include diving birds, fish slicks, jumping bait, etc.

Once he determines he is in an area with feeding fish, he will start experimenting with lures and presentations to learn what they want and how they want it cast to them.


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