September 5

E82 – Bassmaster Editor James Hall is in Love With Louisiana Fishing

Texas angler James Hall shares his experience fishing in Louisiana. This is what happened.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

Texas Angler Fishes Louisiana

James Hall is a Texas boy, spending his childhood in Wichita Falls. His grandfather sparked his passion for fishing, getting him started by running trotlines, throwing live bait for crappie and bread balls for carp.

After graduating college James moved on to become an outdoors writer before eventually working as the editor of Bassmaster Magazine.

When ESPN bought Bassmaster Magazine his job was relocated to Orlando, Florida. It was there he bought a flats boat and began fishing Florida's awesome inshore fishery.

James first came to Louisiana with the Bassmaster Classic and ended up fishing Venice, sightfishing for redfish.

Ever since then, he was hooked on Louisiana (pun intended).

Worst Fishing Trip

He went fishing three miles offshore in his 19ft flats boat. A storm blew up out of nowhere, stirring the seas.

Big waves put water into his flats boat. Things took a turn for the worse when he realized his bilge pump was broken.

Fishing Smarter

He went fishing with Gerald "G-man" Swindle.

James always used a fish finder but the G-man showed him how to find fish in places anglers normally wouldn't.

He showed him the tops of submerged trees in a reservoir and the bass holding to the top of them. This opened James' eyes in a totally new way.

Fishing a New Area

He uses his electronics to determine conditions like water temperature and to locate key structure fish may be holding to.

Water temps dictate where he would begin looking for fish, because fish move to the most comfortable location for them.

All the time he is looking for bait, not just visually but also with his electronics.

Lure selection is dictated by the prevalent bait (match the hatch) and water temp. Colder and hotter water temperatures determine which action a bait should display.


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