September 11

E83 – Shane Mayfield on Port Sulphur, Knowing the Conditions and Inevitable Breakdowns

This Port Sulphur native has the expertise to put you on fish. This is his story.

Port Sulphur Fishing Guide

Shane Mayfield was born, and raised, in Port Sulphur. He did grow up hunting but he especially loved going fishing. He recalls dragging a pirogue to the shoreline to pursue his passion.

He spent years fishing Port Sulphur and today is a full-time fishing guide, taking clients to go catch fish with spinning tackle or even fly fishing tackle. He takes out fly fishing clients on the regular to go catch big bull reds.

Worst Fishing Trip

His motor broke down and another captain was able to get them to the bank before bad weather arrived. The whole time he was on the phone talking to the dealership mechanic trying to get the motor to start. This was at 9:30am.

By 1pm the motor still wasn't running, so he was able to get towed back home safely.

He was able to get the problem solved and the motor running once he got back, but the next day it broke down again on his way to pick up clients.

Lesson learned: breakdowns are inevitable, but you can be prepared by having a toolbox aboard. The one day he left it out of the boat was the day he experienced a breakdown.

Fishing Smarter

He stays cognizant of the weather conditions, so he always knows where it is he needs to fish. He keeps his iPad on his nightstand, so the local conditions are the first thing he looks at when he wakes up.

This helps him formulate a game-plan when he goes fishing.

Even if you're not fishing on that day, this is a good habit to practice so you always know what's going on in the marsh.

Fishing a New Area

He would do a map study using Google Earth. Captain Shane feels "redfish are redfish" with predictable behaviors.

He would also use fishing reports to figure out where the majority of fish are at. There is almost always a fishing report forum online for specific areas.

Then he has the area he wants to fish narrowed down. That is where he would start fishing, then branch out using the knowledge he possesses.


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