September 18

E84 – Chad Battles Talks the Tackle & Techniques for Punching Grass Mats

This Delacroix regular turns us on to a technique that wins when others fail.

The largemouth bass is part of Louisiana's inshore fishery, swimming alongside our favored speckled trout and redfish.

This brings bass anglers and inshore anglers to the same locations. That's where both our worlds collide and, for the open-minded, there are things we can learn from each other.

One of the things we can learn from bass anglers is the art of punching. It's a technique they use to catch fish where other techniques fail.

Punching Grass in Delacroix (or Venice, Dularge, etc.)

Chad uses punching techniques to get his lure through floating mats of hyacinth or "caverned" mats of aquatic grass. These are a type of cover fish inhabit. When they do, conventional tackle can't reach them.

Chad has experience using punching techniques here in Louisiana's marsh, where our aquatic grass and how it's structured is a little different.

To learn more, you really need to listen to the podcast.

Chad's Punching Tackle

TFO 7' 11" Magnum Heavy

Quantum Energy PT Baitcast Reel

65lb Power Pro braided line

Paycheck Pegs & Skirts

4/0 Paycheck Baits straight-shank hook

1-2 oz tungsten weight (depends on thickness of grass)

What it Looks Like

Click to Enlarge

This video from this guide on Lake Fork does a great job showing what punching is like.

So does this one from the Delta in California


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