September 25

E85 – Matthew Roberts is on a mission with Mission Six

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This Baton Rouge native uses inshore fishing to give back in a big way.

Mission Six Takes Veterans Fishing

Matthew Roberts is a Louisiana native and enthusiastic inshore angler, with a strong foundation in kayak fishing.

He recognized it as a way to serve others and is a co-founder of Mission Six, a non-profit that takes veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency medical personnel on the water to create memories that last a lifetime.

Worst Fishing Trip

Took a veteran out on a trip and they had a tough day. It really wasn’t a bad fishing trip, so much as some things just went wrong. The veteran had a great time and still fishes with Mission Six today!

It just goes to show Matthew’s incredible character: he genuinely cares and takes each fishing trip to heart.

Fishing Smarter

Matthew tries to learn something new on each fishing trip. He does this by paying attention to his surroundings and adjusting his fishing strategy to what’s happening around him.

His best learning curve was learning to fish aquatic grass, even large mats of it. He had to adjust his tackle and learn what grass and density redfish preferred.

He uses a Z-Man Purple Demon on a Lazyman swim hook.

Fishing a New Area

He likes using a swimbait rigged weedless with a Lazyman hook. For him, it’s the perfect search bait with the right amount of flash to get bites from redfish.

In hot weather he will focus on grass beds with moving water and during the colder months he looks for oyster beds fish will warm up on.

If he doesn’t catch fish he moves to another spot, and if he fails to catch fish after that he will try using a different lure.


Lazyman Hooks

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Devin Denman

Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won't hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right.

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