October 16

E88 – Ty Hibbs on Fly Fishing, Redfish Denials and Sun vs Wind

This Inshore Interviews veteran returns for round two! Captain Ty drops some good ol’ fashioned knowledge bombs.


Ty Hibbs comes back in Episode 88 of Inshore Interviews to share his Louisiana fly fishing and redfish sight fishing experience with us.

Hear his first interview in Episode 33 here.

Worst Fishing Trip

I skipped this part and went straight for the knowledge bombs, asking Ty how he handles guided fly-fishing trips when the winds are tough (because fly fishing is best done in calm winds) and his favorite why of positioning the boat on redfish.

He believes in “sun first and wind second”, meaning it’s better to keep the sun to your back, even if the wind is blowing in your face, making it difficult to cast or push-pole.

Fishing Smarter

Ty believes the finesse and soft-presentation of a fly is one of the best way to catch redfish.

If a redfish denies the fly, then chances are it’s because of other factors, like your approach.

Or, sometimes this is just the harsh reality, the fish isn’t interested in eating.

What’s great about sight fishing is that you get to learn this fish behavior, and see all of the fish that don’t eat.

These are fish you wouldn’t know were there, if you have been fishing “conventionally”.

Fish a New Area

Captain Ty keeps it pretty simple:

First thing he does is look for clean water, though unpressured fish can be found in dirtier water.

Tide is also important, but even more important is seeing bait.

He loves seeing diving birds. It’s a great indicator that bait is in the area


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