March 14

E10 – Gabe Minnich talks Fishing Smarter

Gabe Minnich joins us for another episode of Inshore Interviews, offering his insights into Fishing Smarter for specks on the Trestles and reds in shallow ponds.

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Gabe is an avid inshore angler with strong roots in freshwater fishing for largemouth bass. His passion lies in sighting redfish, but he is an accomplished trout angler with the pictures to prove it. Jigging the Trestles in Lake Pontchartrain is a rite-of-passage for Louisiana trout anglers and he can do so confidently, especially after his experience of observing particular conditions and then reacting appropriately to put more speckled trout into the cooler.

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Listen in and hear Gabe tell us about his worst fishing trip and how, in the end, he was able to turn it around and make the most of it by resorting to Plan Redfish.

He loves sightfishing for redfish and he tells not only about his favorite lure to use, a Vudu Shrimp, but also how he prefers to approach redfish ponds. This is a great insight from a skilled angler, because in everything we do with redfish few people talk about their favorite way to stealthily approach them. For those of us who own aluminum boats, including Gabe, this is good information to take in and apply on our own fishing trips.

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