March 27

E12 – Jamie Mumphrey’s Talks Bass, Senkos, Jigging Specks and More

Episode 12 of Inshore Interview features Jamie Mumphrey, a self-taught angler who excels in the inshore arena. Listen in and learn how Jamie Fishes Smarter!

Jamie Mumphrey is a Louisiana native who resides in Baton Rouge. He has strong roots in bass fishing despite nobody showing him the ropes as a youngster. He watched TV shows, read magazines and learned how to fish on his own. As he grew up and the Internet became a common media, he used the endless amounts of information found to further improve his fishing. It was through social media he discovered the Louisiana Fishing Blog and today is an administrator of our Facebook page. When you contact us on Facebook, chances are you are talking to Jamie!

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Jamie started fishing the inshore waters of Louisiana when he went fishing with his dad's partner. This was years ago, in his teens, and after literally setting the hook on a redfish he himself was figuratively hooked. Not just on redfish, but also speckled trout. In fact, when it comes to the inshore world it is safe to say that Jamie loves fishing for trout the most.

When Jamie makes the trek from land-locked Baton Rouge to coastal parishes he cannot afford to waste precious time on the water. He will grind all day from sun up to sun down. I myself have fished with him and I have to admit he fishes harder than most. His thirst for fishing knowledge in conjunction with fishing hard has given him a lot of experience that makes him a deadly inshore angler.

When asked about his greatest passion in fishing overall, Jamie gives a very surprising answer. The man can sightfish for reds, jig for speckled trout and work a bass with a Texas-rigged Senko, but this one thing he loves to do is something you have probably never heard of.

Listen in and be ready to Fish Smarter with Jamie Mumphrey!

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