May 10

E18 – Peter Scafaru has Traveled the World

Peter Scafaru is an accomplished angler with a diverse background in angling experience. He emigrated from Romania as a young child and grew up fishing different parts of the United States. Listen in and be ready to Fish Smarter with Captain Peter!

Peter’s grandfather ushered him into the angling world as a young child. Peter grew up on the Allegheny River fishing and became turned on to fly fishing after his brother brought a fly rod on a fishing trip.

His passion for fly fishing grew and he ended up fishing in places like Arizona and Montana. Eventually, he moved to New Orleans to pursue music, as he is an accomplished musician, (this should come as no surprise given the cultural authenticity of Louisiana and especially New Orleans) but had read about Louisiana’s awesome fishing, mostly through Pete Cooper’s writing. He heard he could catch speckled trout off the shore in Grand Isle and made an effort to catch some of them…and he did, with a fly rod.

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Peter Scafaru has 26 years of fly fishing experience. He brought that experience to Louisiana and was able to apply a lot of his knowledge here in our coastal marshes. His fly fishing experience taught him to read current lines in rivers where he fished for freshwater trout. Those current lines are very similar, really the same thing, as our tide lines. We are huge advocates of fishing tidelines for speckled trout!

When asked how he would find fish in an area he wasn’t familiar with he replied with an excellent question: “Can I use Google Earth?”

Google Earth is an excellent tool to locate awesome fishing spots. Captain Peter would use Google Earth to find new spots and potential safe routes. This is because Captain Peter “Fishes Smarter” and does his homework before hitting the water. This is how he has excelled so much in such a short amount of time here in Louisiana. If you are reading this, then know you can also step up your game up by using satellite imagery on Google Earth.

Resources Mentioned:

Pete Cooper’s book about fly fishing in Louisiana: Fly Fishing the Louisiana Coast

Captain Peter’s website: Marsh on The Fly

Using tidelines to find fish: Scouting: Locating Tidelines That Hold Speckled Trout


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