July 4

E21 – Talking surface drive boats and private waters with St. Bernard native, Jared Serigné

This St. Bernard native and all-around sportsman gives you his take on sight fishing redfish, operating surface drive boats and property ownership in Louisiana.

Jared Serigné is a native of St. Bernard Parish, hailing from a family who has been there since the beginning of its settlement. It's safe to say that Jared is no "chivo!" He has moved around due to natural forces like Hurricane Katrina, but today lives back home in "da Parish" and, most importantly, only five minutes away from the boat launch!

Jared has a love for the outdoors but also media production and today works for Louisiana Sportsman shooting and editing video for Sportsman TV.

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He has experience with different kinds of boats but is absolutely in love with his surface drive boat, a Gator Tail Extreme. If you have spent any ordinate amount of time in the marsh, especially Delacroix, you know the waters can be shallow and treacherous. With the shallow water performance of a surface drive boat he can comfortably run the skinny ponds he finds his favorite quarry in.

When asked about his greatest passion in inshore fishing Jared was quick to respond with "sight fishing redfish." His favorite lure is an 1/8oz gold spoon, but be sure to listen in and understand why this is the case.

Jared Serigné believes any day is a good day to go fishing. Always go when you can!

What makes this podcast unique is Jared's take on land ownership in the marsh and how this relates to access to navigable water. The issue of "private waters" in Louisiana is the greatest conservation issue of this decade, but he is able to provide a perspective from a family who owns land in the marsh. This perspective is good to listen to, but you have to keep in mind that this on the East Bank, a place that really serves as a role model for how recreational anglers and land owners get along with little to no issues.

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