July 11

E22 – Brent Roy on Fishing Venice, Freshwater Diversions and Speckled Trout

Listen in and hear it first hand from this inshore veteran of Venice, Louisiana.

Captain Brent Roy has been fishing Venice a long time. He has a lot of wisdom to share and this podcast was a good one!

Brent is originally from Baton Rouge and has humble beginnings fishing golf course ponds in the area. As he grew older he'd accompany his father and grandfather to their camp in Port Eads, a camp they had since the 1970s.

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On those trips he'd mostly fish blue water, but one day, when the wind was too strong to go offshore, he stayed inshore and fished out of a small aluminum flatboat. It was on that day he crushed the bass, then the reds and finally speckled trout. It was on that day in the 80s his fishing career was changed forever. He loved fishing inshore, especially for speckled trout, and eventually got his captain's license. He has had that license since 1990 and has been taking clients into the marsh ever since.

A lot has changed in Venice and in the podcast Captain Brent remarks on those changes, to include the success of sediment diversions in the area. Waters he could once run his bay boat are no longer navigable. Will we see the same success across Louisiana?

Captain Brent has a lot of great knowledge to share. Coming from an angler who fishes everyday, he strongly recommends preparing for your fishing trip the day prior, not the day of. There is too much that can be overlooked and cause things to go wrong on the water.

When fishing new waters he uses patterns he has learned from fishing similar areas in order to put fish into the boat. Above all, he is a firm believer in keeping detailed fishing reports. This is especially important to him because he grew up fishing in an era with no Internet, no social media or resources like the Louisiana Fishing Blog.

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