July 18

E23 – Captain Ben Boudreaux talks fishing patterns

This charter captain explains how he finds fishing spots and learning their patterns.

Ben Boudreaux is from Rayne, right outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. He grew up fishing for both freshwater and inshore saltwater species. In fact, when he was only ten years old he caught his first trophy bass, coming in at over 7lbs.

Today he runs a guide service called Get Reel Charters and fishes out of Big Lake.

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Captain Ben does a lot of drifting over reefs for speckled trout. He finds new fishing spots by being aware of his surroundings while he is out on the water and, of course, putting his time in on the water. Ben Boudreaux has found that some spots produce different fish under different fishing conditions. A spot that is good for redfish one time of the year may be better for trout another time of the year. He has even found that some spots produce best during a slack tide and that is why it's good to fish spots under all conditions and uncover their secrets.

The "one that got away" was a 9lb speckled trout and it was absolutely heartbreaking for him. It's tough to watch a fish like that swim away!

One tip he uses to make fishing easier is rod management. He prefers to lay them down where they are out of the way and cannot be stepped on. Being a charter captain he gets anglers of all skill levels. It's not uncommon to get the one angler who occasionally forgets to look behind him when casting. This can cause an unused rod to become hooked and fly out of the rod holder or, worse yet, break a rod tip.

This is no good for the bottom line of a fishing charter (or anyone's bottom line). Besides, what if they need that rod to put fish in the boat?

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