July 25

E24 – The marsh can’t intimidate Melissa Larson

Melissa is a role model for us all. She has blazed her own path in the marshes of Louisiana and has gone from zero to hero in the realm of inshore fishing. Listen in and Fish Smarter with Melissa Larson!

Melissa is a born and raised Louisiana girl who hails from Raceland, Louisiana. She has always had a passion for fishing but didn't start fielding her own fishing trips until a few years ago. It was then she grabbed the bull by the horns and started learning how to safely navigate the marsh and catch more fish.

She had to start from scratch, learning how to launch the boat, drive it to her fishing spots, fish for her target species and then navigate back and recover the craft. Especially seeing that Louisiana's marsh is a vast maze of dead ends and shallow water, she deserves credit for saddling up and not letting the marsh intimidate her.

It was after she had done this on her own she learned how much work goes into fishing trips and she could better appreciate it when others took her fishing.

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Melissa prefers targeting speckled trout over redfish as she believes they are harder to catch and keep on the line. She books with charter captains to not only learn areas, but learn valuable information to pattern fish and be a successful angler. Listen in and hear about the valuable information she learned in regard to fishing slicks.

Above all, Melissa is not interested in using someone else's fishing spots. She is interested in learning how to become a better angler and pattern fish on her own.

I was moved when Melissa credited this website as being her number one resource for learning how to fish the marshes of Louisiana. Thank you for that, Melissa!

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