August 2

E25 – Chris Bush is a Big Trout Warrior

Chris Bush is a special breed of Louisiana angler who targets and catches behemoth speckled trout. This podcast is a must listen! Lots of advice!

Chris is from the Greater New Orleans area (Metairie, specifically) and grew up with a father who is not just a die-hard inshore angler, but a speckled trout purist. One year him and his dad logged having caught 13,000 trout!

In fact, you may already know who his father is. Charlie Bush was credited with tagging the most speckled trout in the 2014-2015 fishing season. He tagged 2,086 fish and 1,946 of those were specks. He was tagging fish for TAG Louisiana, a cooperative marine fish tagging program and was awarded for his excellence.

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Fishing for specks so often caused Chris to quickly mature from a "fill the box and eat 'em all" kind of angler to one who is more appreciative of a difficult bite, enjoying the hard work and skill that goes into targeting and successfully catching big speckled trout. In fact, his biggest trout ever caught was 11lbs even. That is one heck of a big speckled trout!

Today Chris Bush is a commissioned officer in the Air Force. Being stationed all along the Gulf Coast he has had the opportunity to fish big trout destinations spread from Texas to Florida.

Chris almost never throws a popping cork and if he does it is on a spinning rod and usually for someone else. He is almost always throwing a baitcaster and he doesn't use heavy tackle. You can see him using a lot of light equipment for speckled trout. He likes to use a 6'6" medium light rod for most of his work.

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There are many big trout anglers out here, but none of them operate a big trout resource like Chris Bush does. Chris is an outdoors writer and operates a blog called The Speckled Truth. It's his outlet for his big trout advice, tactics and techniques. He is also a contributor for Louisiana Fishing Blog.

big speckled trout gator trout yellow mouth chris bush podcast inshore saltwater texas louisiana florida gulf coast

Chris Bush with his biggest speckled trout ever caught, an 11lb monster.

11lb speckled trout gator trout big speck texas louisiana florida gulf coast saltwater marsh inshore fishing fish baitcaster

Look at the size of that belly!

speckled trout specks gator trout spotted seatrout texas louisiana florida gulf coast saltwater inshore fishing

Chris Bush releases the big speckled trout he catches. However, this big sow of a trout couldn't be revived, so she went home with him. It turned out she had a smaller 15" speckled trout in her belly!

This podcast has TONS of value and fishing advice being dropped left and right in it. If there is one you ever listen to this one is it!


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