August 15

E27 – Hayden Harper has Fished Everywhere

Having caught speckled trout off a tugboat, Hayden is one helluva inshore angler. Listen in to great fishing advice and learn how to Fish Smarter with Hayden Harper!

Like most of our guests, Hayden is a Louisiana native hailing from the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. He got into inshore angling from a young age, so it was something he grew up with and is naturally adapted to. He thirsts for inshore knowledge and after listening to this podcast you will agree that his years of experience have brought him tons of it.

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Hayden likes to trailer his bay boat to different parts of Louisiana and fish new waters. He enjoys the challenge that comes with it and chances are that if you live in southeast Louisiana Hayden has fished your waters.

Today Hayden Harper works offshore but he is still not without his fishing tackle. He had caught one of his personal best speckled trout off of a tugboat while at work. This is ironic considering he owns a Pathfinder 2200V bay boat and spends all of his free time fishing from it!

Hayden Harper started Fishing Smarter when he learned how to read water from Delacroix guide Captain Joe Wronkowski. Being able to read water is a tenant of a great inshore angler. Without knowing what the water is doing and what possibly lays beneath it is flying blind in the Louisiana marsh.

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When Hayden talks about reading water he talks about looking for tidelines pouring out of bayous and wrapping around points.

His ability to read water has set him up for success all over Louisiana, that is why he loves to trailer his boat to new waters because he knows he can find fish in any area using the knowledge he possesses. Hayden Harper is the definition of an angler who Fishes Smarter!


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