August 22

E28 – Scott Myers: East Coast Transplant Fishes Smarter – Kayak Fishing Podcast

This east coast native taught himself to successfully fish the Louisiana marsh. Listen in to this kayak fishing podcast and learn how Scott Myers went from zero to hero in inshore fishing!

Kayak Fishing Podcast

Scott Myers is originally from Virginia, born and raised. He never fished much during his childhood but was always active in the outdoors.

In 2003 he left home and traveled the country with the Ringling Brothers' Circus. He didn't come to Louisiana until 2007 when he made the decision to finish his music degree at the University of New Orleans. Ever since he has called Louisiana home.

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It wasn't long before he had to find something to do in the outdoors. After considering several activities he chose fishing. Scott Myers fished the Lakefront and caught some drum and redfish, but those experiences weren't cutting it for him. They lacked the adventure one experiences when venturing into the Louisiana marsh.

After a trip to Puglia's Sporting Goods he knew what he had to do to get his fix. Anthony Puglia told him to get a kayak and head to Delacroix, reassuring the experience would change his life. Scott followed those exact words and hasn't looked back since. Today Scott is an avid inshore angler and has had his share of fishing experience.

Scott Myers is strictly a kayak angler and has learned to fish smarter using that mode of transportation. When he travels to other parts of the world he is able to successfully kayak fish using what he learned here in Louisiana. Look closely at the cover photo above, that's a halibut in Alaska!

Most people in Louisiana grow up fishing, it's a "cultural" thing as observed by Scott himself. A lot of us native Louisianans can take certain knowledge for granted: tying a knot, casting a rod and more. However, Scott had to learn those things from scratch. For him to reach the level of success he has attained he had to learn a lot in a very short amount of time. So don't take it lightly when Scott offers advice on how to "Fish Smarter." He says he pays close attention to detail, observing his surroundings and thinking diligently to "put two and two together."

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It's easy for us to marginalize this as we sometimes spend our fishing trips doing other things. Simply put, if you want to get better at fishing, try minimizing the chit chat, put down the beer, pick up your head and pay more attention to what is going on. You only have so much to gain, and who doesn't want to catch more fish? That's why you want to listen to this entire kayak fishing podcast.

Scott also runs a blog called Bayou Chronicles. It's there he documents a lot of his fishing trips, photography as well as kayak-specific things like gear reviews and fishing reports.

Bayou Chronicles

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