January 24

Episode 3 – Talking Patience vs Persistence and How it Applies to Angling

Is being patient in fishing important? Generally, the answer is "yes", but when it comes to inshore fishing persistence is what you want to have. Listen in to this podcast to learn now.

I know an angler’s mindset is equally important as any tackle or equipment. Without having the right mindset an angler is setting him or herself up for failure. Part of having a good mindset is being persistent, not patient.

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People always say you should be patient when fishing. It’s an old adage that is repeated over and over, and it is time proven for fishing in general. But, when it comes to inshore fishing, patience is not nearly as relevant. It is persistence that will make you successful.

What is patience?

Patience is staring at a popping cork. A cork that has not got down in five, ten or even fifteen minutes, but still waiting for a fish to come along and take a shot at your bait. In a nutshell, patience is waiting and hoping that something in the environment will change so that you can catch fish.

An example of patient fishing would be fishing a spot with no tidal movement and waiting for the tide to move and not making any adjustments or movements to accommodate that condition.

What is persistence?

Persistence is not about complacency. It is all about being proactive. It is about acknowledging your environment and adapting to it.

An example of persistent fishing includes fishing a spot that has little to no tidal movement and then making the changes in your tackle to effectively fish that condition and then relocating if it is deemed there are no fish there (idealistically to an area where the water is moving). To learn more about mastering moving water in the marsh then be sure to read Mastering the Tide.

Make the most of being persistent.

Be sure to keep fishing reports so that everything you learn while fishing persistently is recorded and not forgotten. We work hard to keep Louisiana Fishing Reports a great place to post quality fishing reports that are not cluttered by advertising, so be sure to login and post yours after your next fishing trip.

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