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E4 – Talking Fishing with CCA Star Winner, John Rucker

In Episode Four we interview John Rucker, an inshore enthusiast and winner of the 2010 CCA Star Tournament. Subscribe and listen to this accomplished angler give his take on inshore fishing!

John Rucker is a born and bred Louisiana native who has his roots in fishing freshwater for largemouth bass. He eventually got on a couple trips to Delacroix and the rest is history. He had to get his inshore fishing itch scratched and, living in Mid City, took to nearby Sea Brook to fish for hammer speckled trout.

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Listen in and hear about John’s worst fishing trip, which is a lesson to us all. Hear about how he almost intentionally popped the line on a tournament-winning speckled trout and why he immediately weighed the 7.3lb fish in for the CCA STAR Tournament. John goes on to tell us what day is a good day to go fishing and why.

John Rucker Speckled Trout

Louisiana inshore angler John Rucker with an 8.5lb speckled trout.

I discuss with John the concept of “Fishing Smarter” and when he first started to do so. John is really good at working a carolina rig in deep water with fast moving current, but to him, in the world of John Rucker, fishing specific techniques are not as important as other anglers are. He gives credit to the experienced fishermen who took the time to teach him and share their knowledge and because of this he approaches inshore fishing with humility and respect. We talk about how important it is to network with other fishermen and build positive relationshipsl not being cold towards strangers at the dock. Last, but not least, he shares with us what he would do if he were starting out in a brand new area.

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