February 23

Lures Catch More Fishermen Than Fish – Podcast Episode 7

It is absolutely mind-boggling to watch people react to marketing for the latest lure. Listen in to this podcast and learn why that gizmo is more gimmick than it is gold.

It's an old adage that lures catch more fishermen than they do fish.

Chances are you took a walk down the aisles of your local tackle store and saw something that you just had to have. That's where you can go wrong.

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There are many different lures out there, too many to name, but do they all catch fish? Or do they really catch fishermen? If you have lures in your tackle box you never use, then you may be a participant in this phenomenon.

In-Fisherman has a book series called Critical Concepts: Largemouth Bass and in Book 3 of that series they detail an experiment with 23 different rattling lures, seven of which are lipless crankbaits. In the experiment, researchers discovered that only a handful of the lures produced noise within the audible range of fish.

Stop and think about it. All of those "rattling" baits might as well never be tossed in the water because they don't perform in their category.

It may cause you to think critically: "What else in my tackle box doesn't work?"

The truth about lures is that they are all designed to create different presentations. A crankbait will float upwards when it is no longer being retrieved, whereas a suspending twitchbait will remain motionless. One isn't better than the other, they are just different tools in the toolbox, with the metaphorical toolbox being your tacklebox.

A Mann's Baby 1 Minus has a short lip so it dives shallow and a curved body so it wobbles. It's presentation is a shallow one and it gives a great vibration that redfish and bass are bonkers for!

If you are looking at the latest doohickey and the manufacturer cannot communicate in a crystal clear manner what kind of presentation that lure is supposed to offer then chances are it is garbage.

Make no mistake, there is a lot of garbage out there. We won't take on companies as advertisers if we feel their product or service is not good for Inshore Nation.

Listen to the podcast, understand that some lures are gimmicks not meant to catch fish, but to catch YOU and cause you to part with your hard-earned dollars. Inshore Nation, Fish Smarter and use only the best lures to create the appropriate presentation to get those fish to BITE so you can have fun reeling them in.

Ten years from now, you won't remember the Doohickey 3000 you bought on a whim, but you will never forget the good time you had reeling in a boatload of speckled trout and redfish!

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