February 27

Episode 8 Podcast – What Outboard Motor is the Best

Listen in and understand why Captain Devin gives this very blunt, but specific, answer when asked what the best outboard motor is.

I get it all the time,

"Captain Devin, what is the best outboard motor?"

I haven't run every motor that is out there, but I have run a few.

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There are Yamahas, Tohatsus, Envinrudes, Mercurys and even Nissans! But which one is the best? There is an argument between people about which motor is the best and sometimes it can get heated. Sometimes it can be just as bad as politics and religion!

So what is the best motor? For myself I look at what commercial fishermen are using. Commercial fishermen are not dainty and polite to their motors, they beat the tar out of them and then leave them there at the dock with minimal maintenance. You will see the majority of commercial fishermen use Yamaha and then Suzuki after that. 

But not everyone is a commercial fisherman and they need their motors to do specific things, like one reason you see so many Mercury Pro XS motors on the back of shallow drafting flats boats: they are lighter 2-strokes that can really chew through some mud.

What are you using the motor for? Completely answering that question is key.

When I rebuilt Gnartooth I knew I was going to be making long-distance runs all over the marsh. I knew I wanted a motor that sips fuel and was quiet. I knew I wanted something that would stand up to abuse and last 5,000+ hours . That is why I got a Yamaha F70.

When people ask me what is the best motor I give them a very straight forward and simple answer: any motor is the best. I say this because if they have to ask me what the best motor is then chances are they don't have a lot of experience boating. Any motor is a good motor because you will learn how it runs, its quirks, how to fix it when it breaks and generally acquire more experience. Experience cannot be bought and no brand name can give it. 

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