Fishing Trip Planning

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Anglers often ask which resources, websites, apps or whatever are best for weather and tidal information.

These are the resources used in the Weekend Fishing Forecast on our YouTube and planning for Fishing Trip Reviews.

They are proven and you will find them useful!


Use this app for wind, tide, and weather forecasts.

It's a one-stop shop and has proven accurate over time.

You can visit their website or look for it on the app store.

LAFB Inshore

This is the Facebook Group for Louisiana Fishing Blog, where we post fishing reports and help each other out.

With fishing reports you can get an idea as to where fish are biting, and what's been working (or not).

Get more information about the group here.


A great resource for daily satellite imagery, which you can use to ascertain where clean water is.

You may access it here, or watch this tutorial on how to use it.

Old Maps Online

A good resource for old maps, dating as far back as the 1700s.

These maps help you locate where older islands and landmarks once stood. 

Access it here or watch our tutorial for it.

Navionics Web App

This is another mapping tool that utilizes community-powered sonar charts. 

They're not always accurate in the marsh, but are "close enough".

Click here to visit the Navionics Web App.

Hydrocoast Maps

Hydrocoast provides salinity forecasts depicting where saltier water is and isn't.

Maps are available for the Pontchartrain and Barataria Basins. 

Visit it here.

National Data Buoy Center

A NOAA site where you can pull up buoys to view local conditions, in the present and past.

These are conditions like water levels, water temperature and more.

Access it here.

National Water Information System

It's an interactive map with stations that provide data like what the National Data Buoy Center does, but also includes salinity levels. 

See it here.

USACE River Gauges

This is an Army Corps of Engineers website for data regarding river levels. 

See it here.


Strategic Online Natural Resource Information System. 

I use this to see where active wellheads (gas rigs) are, since they can be hard to find on satellite imagery.

Access it here.