April 18

E15 – Getting to Know Redfish Tournament Anglers, Team Gus

If you don't know Team Gus then you will after listening to this podcast episode of Inshore Interviews. Tune in and learn how these pro-anglers Fish Smarter!

Note: The Louisiana Saltwater Series has been discontinued by former Secretary of LDWF, Charlie Melancon. He did it because he hates recreational anglers and freedom. No, seriously.

Anyways, LASS has been replaced by Tito's Handmade Vodka Redfish Series. The new Tito's tournament trail is going to kick some serious butt. You won't want to miss weigh in!

Team Gus is comprised of Ben Saucier and Adam Shields, both of whom are born-and-bred Louisiana inshore anglers native to the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. They have spent their lives fishing Louisiana's inshore waters, primarily targeting speckled trout and redfish, but it was back in 2012 they took it upon themselves to start fishing competitive events. They entered the Louisiana Saltwater Series and haven't looked back. This is their fifth year of fishing it and in that time have accrued a massive amount of experience. Team Gus has fished the Series in three different boats, utilizing a variety of techniques and strategies across the coast of Louisiana to find the best fish they possibly can.

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They are called "Team Gus" because they are sponsored by Gus' Tackle & Nets in Slidell, Louisiana. Gus' Tackle is an established source of fishing advice, equipment and tackle for the area.

Team Gus never gives up!

The video above is one I like to listen to to get myself pumped up when I go fishing and it's some of the best advice Ben and Adam have to share. Many a tournament angler can tell you that they catch their best fish with minutes to spare on the clock.

Listen in and learn why Team Gus doesn't like trim tabs and how one contributed to the "one that got away."

Team Gus recounts their worst fishing trip, telling us how they "zeroed" on a tournament event after running from Slidell to Pointe a La Hache in Plaquemines Parish. They had to ride back, all the way to weigh-in, with no fish in the livewell to show for their efforts. I remember this day because they idled past my dock as I was cleaning fish for customers and I can tell you they looked like they had been to hell and back. But rather than quit fishing tournaments, they kept going. They. Did. Not. Stop.


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