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How did Mike land this big speckled trout?

By employing a very certain kind of inshore knowledge to land a wall-hanger.

Catching Big Speckled Trout

There is something about having a big speckled trout in your hands, especially here in Louisiana.

So you can imagine my excitement the other day when Mike set the hook on a true hammer.

My blood started flowing when I saw her, and almost had a heart attack when I realized there was no net in the boat!

I quickly threw my rod across the deck and got on my stomach with arms stretched out.

I grabbed her around the neck, with fortune favoring my bold move as we both breathed a huge sigh of relief when she safely made it over the gunnel and inside the boat.

Big Speckled Trout

The picture above doesn’t do her justice, nor the experience, as pictures tend to do.

Anyways, we immediately put her in the livewell to give her a breather while we grabbed the Boga.

She stretched it to the six-pound mark, not a hair less, not a hair more.

I know it’s only six pounds, but in Louisiana that’s a big trout and it was certainly Mike’s personal best.

After mulling it over (and appreciating her beauty as we gazed upon her in the livewell) he decided to let her swim, a decision I respect. 

Maybe she’ll grow to become a state record. Maybe not.



Why and how did Mike catch this trout?

  1. a little luck
  2. understanding of trout biology/behavior
  3. locating “trout green” water with a lot of bait
  4. good boat drifting with trolling motor and drift sock
  5. good lure selection
  6. irresistible presentations achieved with more power and control over the lure

Lady Luck handled #1.

I handled #2, 3 and 4.

Mike nailed #5 and 6.

Mike is actually pretty good at fishing and has mastered the use of casting tackle and artificial lures to get fish to bite, the kind of fish conventional methods are less likely to catch.

It’s not Mike’s first big fish, either.

He has an 8lb 4oz bass mounted at his house, and he caught it in a lake not known for trophy bass.

Mike landed this big trout because he possesses the knowledge and skills I am organizing into Inshore Fishing 201.

In fact, if I had to break down the success of the fishing trip, I’d say that #2 and #3 in the list above is Inshore Fishing 101 knowledge and that #4 through 6 is knowledge at the 201 level.

This is not a trophy-fish course, it’s a course that will show you the advanced boat positioning and power & control over artificial lures you need to get those trophy-fish.

Right now is the pre-purchase phase, which is something I do to say “thank you” to LAFB fans, giving them $20 off before the course goes live.

But, pre-purchasing closes on Friday.

Why is it closing?

I don’t offer discounts on my products.

Yes, I did once upon a time, but I got away from them because I feel they are unfair to those who did not get the discount.

So the only way I can offer one for LAFB fans is by implementing them in the pre-purchase phase of each course.

Get Access to Inshore Fishing 201

Comment below if you have any questions. Tight lines, y’all!

  • Dirk says:

    Devin are you guys fishing deep holes with live bait? I assume the water temp is pretty much the same as it is here in Northeast Florida. Specks are still a bit sluggish and striking pretty much at opportunity.

  • Devin Denman says:

    No live bait. I pretty much fish with artificial lures only.

    The area we were fishing was uniformly deep.

    Actually, it’s warmer here in Louisiana. I just looked and the water temp in Apalachicola is 66 degrees, but 72 in Grand Isle.

    Thanks for commenting.

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