April 11

E14 – How We Won $940 by Catching Redfish – Episode 14

Saturday we fished our first redfish tournament with a bang by bringing home the fatties and winning some cash. This was no accident! It's the result of a carefully executed plan. Listen in to Fish Smarter!

NOTE: The Louisiana Saltwater Series has been discontinued by (former) LDWF Secretary Charlie Melancon. However, a new series has been propped up by LASS anglers to continue the mission of recreational fishing and conservation. This new series is Tito's Handmade Vodka Redfish Series and it's bigger and better!

It was earlier last year that Kevin Wartberg had mentioned to me he wanted to fish competitively. I was apprehensive about this, not because I was scared of failure or nervous rubbing elbows with bad-to-the-bone anglers, but because I had doubts I could commit to something of that nature. However, fishing under pressure is one of the best ways to become better at angling and Kevin sold me on the idea that it would be great exposure for the Blog. Knowing I would have to say good bye to trout fishing every once in awhile, I decided to make the commitment. I had already been sight fishing for redfish in GnarTooth for awhile and was confident in my ability to find, close with and catch them.

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