November 23

How You Build a Kickass FB Group for Fishing Reports


This inshore fishing community is growing fast, and for one important reason.

I've been a moderator on one forum or another since I was 16.

The forums that worked the best were the ones with a focus on a particular niche, governed by a set of rules, with a staff of like-minded folks enforcing those rules.

That's what I did on Louisiana Fishing Reports, and it was successful. Anglers enjoyed the discussion free of negativity and unneeded criticism, as well as the informative fishing reports that actually help them catch fish.

But, I've learned there are more opportunities to provide a badass community on Facebook's group platform, so that is where we are.

To say it's doing great would be an understatement. Membership is rapidly growing and so are the number of quality fishing reports being posted!

It's a fishing intel treasure trove!

How is this possible?

As mentioned earlier, I keep a set of rules to govern the discussion and deter trolls.

  • Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Louisiana based, inshore fishing reports ONLY.
    Please include the general area, what you caught and how you caught them.
  • No off-topic posts.
  • No post hijacking. If you have a new fishing report or discussion, then please create a new post.
  • No buy/sell ads.
  • No advertising your business. This applies to fishing guides, too.ow you want to be treated.
  • No foul language or explicit content.

Needless to say, inshore anglers love this group!

I like it

No bickering and very little ego! Haha. A lot of good info from people on here.

Lanis Carruth

Very friendly group!

I love this group and I really enjoy all the tips and pictures. I also love the fact that I have yet to see arguing or name calling in this group.

Jeffery Sans
Inshore Angler



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