Inshore Fishing 101

inshore fishing 101

Inshore fishing 101 is what you need to catch limits of fish and never get skunked!

Inshore Fishing 101 is often mistaken for a beginner's course. That could not be further from the truth.

It's the solid foundation of knowledge that fishing guides to tournament champions use to consistently catch speckled trout and redfish, right here in Louisiana's marsh.


Great Instruction

As a safety manager for a large oil and gas company, I pride myself on instructional and educational skills. It still holds true: keep it simple, keep it interesting, and be factual. Captain Devin has this down pat.

Stu W. ,

What will you learn?

The same knowledge fishing guides use to succeed every day: 

  • Life cycle and feeding habits of your target fish
  • Which fishing tackle you need and how to tie it
  • Mastering the tide and wind
  • Discover the best fishing spots
  • Underwater hazards and how to avoid them
  • Upload custom routes to your GPS 
  • Properly experiment with lure color
  • How to work each spot and not miss fish
  • Steps to take when fish aren't biting
  • The Ultimate Key to Angling Success

Inshore Fishing 101 is $119

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied, I will immediately refund your hard earned money, no questions asked.

- Devin Denman

Take a Sneak Peek

Google Earth vs Google Maps

From the Advanced Navigation Section

Oyster Reefs

From the "Finding the Best Fishing Spots" Section

Inshore Fishing 101 is $119

 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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Learned more than I thought

I should be the poster child for Inshore Fishing 101!

I'm from Atlanta and have only been to the marsh 1-2 times before. Those times I caught a little each time. I haven't finished the 101 school yet but my scheduled weekend to go fishing was this past weekend. Me and two friends caught 2 coolers full 2 days and only 1 cooler full the 3rd day .... bad day!

Used 100's of live/dead shrimp. The fish really didn't care. The 1st two days we used a Rucker Rig. We couldn't get them to bite a popping cork. Last day we fished a shallow lake (Hermitage) and killed them using a popping cork.

David Monson

Lifetime Subscription

Course lectures are occasionally added and updated. When this happens, the price of the course goes up. 

Anglers who have already enrolled get the upgraded course at no additional cost.

Enroll now to avoid paying more in the future.

 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

Great course!

I learned a lot. I now realize a lot of common mistakes I made and why I wasn't seeing results.

Dustin Mayard

Inshore Fishing 101 is a great tool

I feel like the most valuable thing I learned in inshore 101 was how to effectively fish the entire water column.

Captain Devin did an excellent job on teaching this.

Wade Duplessie

Instructor Support 

You are not taking this course alone!

If you ever feel unsure or need a question answered, I am there to clear the air and lend a helping hand.

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With Inshore Fishing 101:

  • You'll catch more using the most effective tackle
  • Find the honey-holes for specks and reds
  • Safely navigate the marsh, even in new waters
  • How to make the most of tough conditions
  • Know where to start fishing because you understand how the tide and wind affect the marsh
  • Receive the help of an experienced angler when something doesn't make sense
  • Impress your friends and family with the catches you bring to the dock 

Without Inshore Fishing 101:

  • Risk getting your boat stuck
  • You won't know where to find biting fish
  • When you don't catch, you will return empty-handed
  • You will spend more money playing catch-up instead of investing in your inshore knowledge

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