January 11

Episode 1 – Kevin Wartberg

Our very first episode of Inshore Interviews features Kevin Wartberg, a Louisiana native and avid inshore angler. Download on iTunes or Stitcher and hear how this weekend warrior conquers the Louisiana marsh!

Kevin is a normal guy, not a charter captain or tournament angler. He works 9-5 during the week just like you or anyone else reading this right now. His job doesn't keep him from his passion of chasing specks and slamming reds in the waters of Louisiana. As soon as the weekend rolls around he is out there conquering the marsh.

I interviewed Kevin to shed more light on how he succeeds on his fishing trips. We talked about where he grew up, how he got started in inshore fishing, what kind of boat he drives (so you understand where he can and cannot fish) and asked him about his favorite fishing tackle. Listen in to hear about Kevin's confidence tackle, the K-Dub Rig and why he builds it in the way he does.

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We delved further into conversation, asking him about his worst fishing trip and how we went into detail about the time he took two friends fishing in rough weather and buried his boat into a five foot wave. What makes the story even better is how he saved the fishing trip!

Changing the subject, we inquired about the first time Kevin started "Fishing Smarter." We have all had those fishing trips where we suddenly recognized how to get the fish to bite.

Last but not least, we took Kevin into the Feeding Frenzy, where we asked him several questions, point blank, about inshore fishing in Louisiana. The very last question we asked him is a tough one:

"If you were to start out in a brand new area, where you knew no one, but had your boat, all of your tackle and a full tank of gas, how would you go catch fish?"

Kevin nailed it with a great answer, detailing how he would go find fish under those circumstances. Subscribe today and don't miss another episode! 

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