January 18

E2 – Mike Liuzza is a Bass Angler Gone Salt

Listen to the journey of Michael Liuzza, this week's featured guest on the Inshore Interviews saltwater podcast. Prepare to laugh as you hear about his worse fishing trip (trust me it was bad) and take notes as we discuss how he tackles the Louisiana marsh.

Welcome to the second installment of Inshore Interviews, a weekly saltwater podcast on which we interview avid inshore anglers to share their passion and best advice for tackling the inshore waters of Louisiana.

Michael Liuzza is a born and raised Louisiana native, hailing from Hammond in Tangipahoa Parish. He has spent his entire life fishing and started out in the bass angling world. He eventually made his transition into brackish waters and had been on dozens of fishing trips targeting speckled trout, redfish and more. Then, one day, he went on a fishing trip that would forever change his angling passion. He tagged along on a fishing trip aboard a 16' Ranger flats boat with a five foot sightfishing platform on the bow; he went on his first sightfishing trip for redfish. That week he had a sightfishing platform built for his Bass Tracker and the rest if history.

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Asking Mike about his worst fishing trip prompted him to recall a day that was so bad he shouldn't have rolled out of bed in the first place. I know because I was there on the boat! We laughed as we recounted the story, but I promise you we were not laughing on that day.

When asked how he "fishes smarter" he went on to explain that fishing in different areas and disciplines gives him the insight required to succeed in the saltwater marsh. He uses live bait, but is so experienced in casting artificial lures that he knows he can make the right presentation to get finicky fish to bite.

We went on to discuss "confidence lures" and their relevance to an inshore anglers success; how his grandfather, years ago, pointed out that a tackle box full of fancy baits wouldn't stand a chance against an experienced angler with his confidence lure. To prove his point, he equipped his favorite lure and proceeded to out fish Mike who had a new and unfamiliar one. This was a lesson that stuck with Mike for the rest of his life and shared with us on this episode's podcast.

I asked Mike about "the one that got away" and he entertained us with a story about losing a 7lb speckled trout at the side of the boat. You have to hear this to believe it!

Of course, there is much more, so be sure to subscribe and listen in.

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