October 23

Inshore Interviews is Taking a New Direction

I serve inshore anglers, and this is how I can do it best.

Inshore Interviews is one helluva fishing podcast.

There is simply nothing else like it!

However, I am not regularly publishing episodes anymore. This is why:

The Blog Is Changing Gears

Some new things are coming up for Louisiana Fishing Blog.

Some are going to happen, some are still floating in the ether. But I can tell you they both kick ass!

But if I want to do those things, I won't have time or energy to put out a great episode each week.

I would have the time and energy to put out an "okay" episode, but that's not my style.

Will the podcast still be available?

Of course. I am keeping it right here on LAFB and iTunes and anywhere else it is available.

Will new episodes still come out?

Yes. Just not each Monday like I have always done. I will publish them when I can.

What are you doing that's so great?

Inshore anglers want video, and a lot of it.

So I plan on making more! I have started with Inshore Fishing 101 and have already added 60+ videos, with 20+ more on the way.

Creating and editing the video takes enough time, but what's really difficult is getting that video of a redfish crashing bait, or shrimp jumping from speckled trout, etc.

This will put me on the water more often and less in the office.

I'll keep my promise!

What I do here at LAFB has always been held to a higher standard. I turn away a lot of business because I stick to my guns and won't use or review something I don't believe in, regardless of how much they are willing to pay.

I will continue to put out great inshore fishing knowledge that helps you catch fish and enjoy your time on the water.

Tight lines, y'all!



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  • The access to a weekly fishing report in Louisiana is non-existent. Pitiful. H ing to jump thru hoops is a joke. Once again, my home state is do far behind in actually providing an extremely relevant service to the resident anglers and to those anglers traveling to Louisiana to salt water fish.
    Very sad.

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