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The Greatest Inshore Memorial an Angler Could Ask For

It’s amazing. You know this man had awesome friends.

Captain Billy Whitney Sets the Example

Every day I think about how to live my life, and what impact I will leave on this Earth.

I would hope to make a positive one, one so strong that people go out of their way to make a badass memorial for me.

Something that is thoughtful, and from the heart.

Well, apparently that is what happened for one man.

Jeff Gregory of Tavernier, Florida came across this boat that had been set adrift in the sea.

Captain Billy Whitney Memorial Boat

Upon closer inspection, he discovered these things:

  • a hat secured to the poling platform
  • a can of Bud Light
  • a picture of a smiling man

Captain Billy Whitman Memorial Picture

Look closer, and it’s obvious this is not a real boat, but a replica, and it’s a memorial for someone special.

Who is that man?

The man in the picture is Captain Billy Whitney.

He was a reputable fishing guide out of Hawks Kay in the beautiful Florida Keys.

This is him in his actual boat, the Soc-et-tu-em, fishing the flats.

What can we learn from this?

I think it’s safe to say he was loved, and one helluva inshore fishing guide.

We should all live our lives so fully that our friends do something like this for us.

Hopefully you take that thought with you into your day, and live a better life as a result of it.

Tight lines, y’all.

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