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What is LAFB Elite?

LAFB Elite gives you an insight into how I conduct my fishing trips.

I do this by videoing while on the water, giving you a breakdown of where, when and how I am fishing.

This way you can see why I make the judgment calls I make and the finer details of how I conduct my fishing trips.

This complements my courses, showing you how I use their knowledge to succeed on my fishing trips.

It's the ultimate insight into expertly executed inshore fishing trips.

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But there's more...

When you join LAFB Elite you get your own account here on LAFishBlog.com, which means two things.

Commenting is simplified and you will never experience annoying pop-ups when reading articles or watching videos.

Get the Answers You are looking for

Each page inside LAFB Elite uses integrated commenting so you can ask questions to get the answer you are looking for. 

In fact, this page has one, too. Just scroll to the bottom and ask me anything about LAFB Elite.

Louisiana Specific Knowledge

Louisiana's inshore waters are unique and like no other on the eastern seaboard or Gulf Coast.

Consistently catching fish across her coast requires special expertise that only a native could possess.

I'm not from Florida. I'm not from Texas. I'm from Louisiana, and I have fished all over her coast, to include guiding clients in the marsh and competing in redfish tournaments.

That's why I am here at your service!

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