LAFB Inshore Information Page

LAFB Inshore is a Facebook group that serves as the discussion forum and community for this website, Louisiana Fishing Blog (or just "LAFB").

It's where inshore anglers get fishing reports and talk about their passion with like-minded people and, with 15,000 members and growing, we have both quality and quantity in inshore fishing reports.

This is possible not just because of our awesome members, but also our volunteer moderator staff who enforce the community rules.

Everything else you need to know regarding LAFB Inshore is available below.

Mickey Giles

Keep catching and sharing!

I must say I have been looking for a group like this all my fishing life!

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This Guy Runs Over The Speckled Trout Action (But It’s All Good)

Unfortunately, a fellow angler ran over the speckled trout action, but that didn't keep me from putting together a great box of fish.

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Locate Grass Beds In Lake Pontchartrain Using Sonar

Beds of eel grass make for prime speckled trout fishing in Lake Pontchartrain. But how do you know where they are? Here's a few tips.

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Fishing The Trestles In Lake Pontchartrain After Tropical Storm Beta

It was the first clear day after all the tropical storms we've had, so it was time to launch the boat and locate speckled trout.

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