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LAFB Inshore is a Facebook group that serves as the discussion forum and community for this website, Louisiana Fishing Blog (or just "LAFB").

It's where inshore anglers get fishing reports and talk about their passion with like-minded people and, with 15,000 members and growing, we have both quality and quantity in inshore fishing reports.

This is possible not just because of our awesome members, but also our volunteer moderator staff who enforce the community rules.

Everything else you need to know regarding LAFB Inshore is available below.

Lanis Carruth

I like it

No bickering and very little ego! Haha. A lot of good info from people on here.

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What was the first fish in outer space?

Many animals have been to space, but do you know what the first fish to outer space was? Chances are you've held one in your hand! Read on to learn more. Space travel is dangerous and, when we were figuring it out back in the 1950's and 60's, it was

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Are you using sonar to find speckled trout?

Without a doubt, sonar is the most under-utilized tool in our inshore arsenal. Take a look at how you can revolutionize your fishing trips with this cutting-edge technology. Last Sunday I hosted a seminar for the Sportsman Show at the Super Dome in New Orleans. There was a great turnout,

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Yesterday at the Sportsman Show

You've heard "the proof is in the pudding". Yesterday, I got to see that pudding. Something that's "real" Last year I was asked to host a seminar at the Sportsman Show in the Super Dome, and was graciously invited to return this year. It's very humbling to have this sort

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Search Louisiana Fishing Blog To Discover Expert Fishing Knowledge

Here's how to easily search Louisiana Fishing Blog to find expert fishing knowledge that will help you catch more speckled trout and redfish. How to Search Louisiana Fishing Blog The Internet is an awesome thing, making information easy to search for and even easier to digest. Heck, as a kid

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Identifying this Mystery Bait Fish

We were fishing Delacroix when a trout coughed up this weird thing. We had no idea what it was, but now we do! Mystery Bait Fish It was a typical day, jigging for speckled trout in Delacroix or, more specifically, off of Oak River and the Twin Pipelines. The action

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How To Fish MRGO Long Rocks For Speckled Trout

Here's the best way to fish MRGO Long Rocks when speckled trout are running thick during their spring transition.The months of April, May and June are when speckled trout begin making their transition to saltier water so they may successfully spawn.As they do, they tend to pile up at this

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