LAFB Inshore Information Page

LAFB Inshore is a Facebook group that serves as the discussion forum and community for this website, Louisiana Fishing Blog (or just "LAFB").

It's where inshore anglers get fishing reports and talk about their passion with like-minded people and, with 15,000 members and growing, we have both quality and quantity in inshore fishing reports.

This is possible not just because of our awesome members, but also our volunteer moderator staff who enforce the community rules.

Everything else you need to know regarding LAFB Inshore is available below.

Lanis Carruth

I like it

No bickering and very little ego! Haha. A lot of good info from people on here.

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It's common knowledge that hurricanes and tropical storms raise salinity levels, but what happens after the storm is gone? If you're on social media (and who isn't these days?) then you surely see the same, typical comments from Louisiana locals whenever a tropical storm approaches: "This ought to give Lake

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Carolina Rig Instructions For Speckled Trout, Redfish & Flounder

Every angler should know how to tie a Carolina rig. Follow these easy instructions using quality tackle to get it done right the first time.When I was growing up, we didn't have the Internet and, consequently, didn't have access to tons of fishing information like we do today.Now it seems

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Boating Hazard In Pointe Aux Chenes (Exact Location)

This underwater obstruction in Pointe Aux Chenes destroyed the boat's propeller, leaving us stranded. This is where the navigational hazard is located.If you're subscribed to my email list then you already heard about this little mishap and perhaps even inquired as to its exact location.So, if that was you, thank

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