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These businesses market inside LAFB Inshore:

Hi, I'm Devin!

I'm an inshore business owner just like you, and I know getting customers can be tough! I've tried a lot of things and have been very successful using social media.

You too can enjoy those same great results, but with far less hassle, when your business becomes a sponsor of my exclusive online community, LAFB Inshore.

Why become a sponsor?

Because it's where your customers are.

People aren't always sitting in front of a TV, or have a magazine in their hand.

But almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and smartphones are how inshore anglers access LAFB Inshore on Facebook.

Thousands of them, every day, posting fishing reports, reading inshore discussion, waiting to hear your company's message.

Because it's easier.

More people are on social media than ever before, and conventional advertising is become less effective every day. 

Now is the time for inshore businesses to build a presence on social media, but that requires a lot of time, effort and expertise.

Or, you can take a shortcut by marketing on LAFB Inshore, and go straight to thousands of Louisiana-based inshore anglers in need of a product just like yours.

Because it's faster.

Social media has revolutionized how inshore businesses build relationships with current and potential clientele.

It's very easy to get "hands on", showing off your product, demonstrating excellent customer service, all in a place frequented every day by inshore anglers.

Trust me, it's how I've built my business and it is a shortcut to success. Come aboard and let me show you how!


What is LAFB Inshore?

It's the online community for my site,, and where inshore anglers go to read fishing reports and have inshore discussion.

Quite frankly, it's the best forum Louisiana's inshore industry has ever seen, and it's growing every day due to its increasing popularity.

What makes LAFB Inshore so popular?

Because I focus on the members.

I've been an administrator on one forum or another for 15+ years, and used that experience to create an excellent online community free of irrelevant topics or unneeded criticism.

Anglers love LAFB Inshore because they can count on there being quality fishing reports and discussion, without having to sort through a bunch of nonsense.

In addition to this, I use Facebook's platform because of its ease-of-use and popularity.

Posts I made inside LAFB Inshore have been shared outside of that group, and gained even more attention for my products. It's very easy to multiply my efforts!

Do I advertise in LAFB Inshore?

Technically, no one advertises inside this special community. Advertising has become annoying, and one reason why some brands have lost popularity.

Instead, I market inside LAFB Inshore, and require sponsors to do the same. It's okay, I will show you how to do it so you get the most bang for your buck. 

Good news: it's easier than traditional advertising!

How do I become a sponsor?

Email me with the following:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Company name and type
  • What your company needs (exposure? revenue?)
  • Level of social media experience


There are two ways to spend your time, working in your business, or working on it.

If you are always working in your business, you're basically another employee and will never get ahead.

But if you are able to work on it, improving things and making more money, then you're truly making progress.

One way I help people work on their business is by providing access to a platform full of the customers they need, and that's LAFB Inshore.

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