July 20, 2016

Tools You Need to Save $$$ on Fishing Tackle

Sweeten online deals with these resources just like you sweeten a sparkle beetle with dead shrimp!

I shop locally for a lot of my fishing tackle. Nothing beats personal relationships and supporting a local business.

However, I find myself ordering online, mostly due to time constraints or availability. When I do, I am sure to make the most of my experience by using these tools.

Retail Me Not

Retailmenot.com is a website that hosts over 500,000 coupons for 50,000 online stores. Go check it out. You'll see that you can punch in any online store, whether it's BassPro.com or TackleDirect.com.

When coupons are listed on Retail Me Not there is an indicator on when the coupon was last successfully used and how often. This way you don't waste time punching in coupon codes that don't work.

Retail me not Bass Pro

See more at www.retailmenot.com


This aptly named browser extension is much more streamlined in finding you coupon codes.

I have used it for Amazon but don't worry, Honey will do the heavy-lifting for you and automatically pop up letting you know there are coupon codes available and how many.

If you choose to do so, Honey will go to work applying dozens of coupon codes to find the one that will get you some...honey.

See more at www.joinhoney.com

Coupons at Checkout

This is another browser extension that works very much like Honey. So why bother installing it? Well, think of Honey and Coupons at Checkout as being two soft plastic lures that are different colors.

Sometimes fish want a different color, right? Well sometimes Coupons at Checkout will have a usable coupon and Honey won't, or vice versa.

The browser extension works in Chrome but there is also a mobile version. I haven't tried it out, but I imagine the user-experience is similar.

See more at couponfollow.com/checkout

Captain Devin

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