June 18

Moving With a Purpose is Key to Boating More Speckled Trout


This short video shows exactly how it's done.

Note how he wastes no time in getting that trout off the hook and then casts his Matrix Shad back into the water where the trout are biting.

The time for goofing off and taking pictures or even getting a fresh beer is not when the trout are biting!

Did you see the fish laying on the deck? At the time the video was taken there were about 60 more trout inside that green cooler, but those trout on the deck were there because we did not waste the time to toss them in the cooler.

When there is a trout bite, time is of the essence!

Speckled Trout Swim in Big Schools

Maybe you are not certain as to what trout look like when they swarm underwater. But if you read this article about trout swimming in a pool then you might have a better understanding.

School Trout are basically fish with ADHD

When they see a shrimp they are like, "Oh, a shrimp" before eating it and then looking for another one nearby.

If they don't immediately see another shrimp then they will leave. It's that simple.

Move with a purpose when you fish. When you do, you Fish Smarter.

You can read the full fishing report below.


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  • Even gar are getting cracked down on here in TX. Hoping numbers can bounce back by the time I move back to LA. Used to be so easy to catch. Noe my brother tells me he struggles. Again, sorry for confusion and good luck out there!

  • We are and it cannot last forever.

    Speckled trout spawning stock biomass is at a historical low and has been under limit for the last ten years!

    That would never happen in Texas, but Louisiana has been asleep at the wheel.

    We really need a reduction in the daily limit and maybe even a slot.

    Twenty five speckled trout is just too many, especially since speckled trout are too valuable to only be caught once.

  • No doubt. Just never realized we were so laxed on specks back home. Never would have guessed 25. Usually kept 5 or 6 at most but been about 18yrs ago and think I only knew sizes then. Have a good one and good luck out there!

  • Rodney, I appreciate you owning up to it. Thanks for that.

    Also, I think your dead giveaway would’ve been “Louisiana” mentioned six times on this page. LOL ;)

    Anyway, I’m glad you took the time to visit my site, read this blog post and take time to comment.

    Tight lines!

  • Oh sheesh. Nvm my bad. Didnt know my home state was rocking a 13″, 25fish limit. That’s the real? . 15″ and a 10limit in TX

  • Rodney, we didn’t go over the limit, and I have never gone over the limit.

    Thanks, but you’re not calling out my integrity or catching anybody red-handed here.

    Tight lines

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