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How to Secure a Double Rig

How to Secure a Shad Rig

Double rigs are great fun for catching speckled trout, but tangle easily if not secured with this simple trick.

How to Secure a Double Rig

Catching two speckled trout at once on a Double Rig is the hallmark of an epic inshore fishing trip!

If I’m really interested in a meat haul, you can count on there being a spinning rod readily available with one tied on.

Epic Tangles

But maybe this has happened to you: one jighead is secure while the other flaps about, becoming tangled on everything around it.

This chips gelcoat, scratches rod blanks and is just plain sloppy!

Hold on, what is this “Double Rig?”

A Double Rig is a classic inshore lure made of two jigheads with either skirts or soft plastics attached.

These jigheads are tied to each other with a length of leader line, usually 20lb test monofilament,  with a figure-eight loop knot tied just short of the middle.

It looks like this.

Secure Double Rig 1

So how do I tie it?

It’s not hard, and you can easily do so by following the instructions at this link.

How do I secure a Double Rig?

Run one jighead around the neck of the spinning reel, then towards the other jighead to secure them together, like what you see in the picture.

Secure Double Rig 2

This way you can easily retrieve your rod equipped with the Double Rig when specks start biting hot and heavy!

Like artificial lures?

I prefer to skip the hassle of live bait and go straight to using artificial baits to create realistic presentations that speckled trout cannot resist.

Inside Inshore Fishing 201 I go in-depth to show you everything I know. Click here to see more.

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