Expertly catch redfish swimming in gin-clear water in Louisiana

Sight Fishing was the game-changer that upped my fishing prowess...

For me, sight fishing redfish is the only way to catch them, but things were not always this way.

Used to, I was fine with grinding out shorelines, casting and retrieving a gold spoon or even chunking dead shrimp. 

Those things worked, but then one day my close friend took me sight fishing. 

I will never forget the jaw-dropping beauty of crystal-clear ponds and the heavy redfish swimming in them!

These redfish showed me how bad I was casting at a moving target, but I finally landed one!

Watching them see, attack and eat the lure was like nothing I had seen before.

I was immediately addicted, and eventually built a boat designed specifically for sight fishing.

I spent months traveling to Louisiana's best sight fishing destinations to target redfish, everywhere from Slidell, to Venice, to Big Lake.

There was a steep learning curve! Shallow water is hazardous for lower units and lower units are expensive.

I also learned that just because I can see the redfish doesn't mean they are any easier to find.

I can say, without a doubt, that sight fishing has radically improved my ability to catch fish.

How does sight fishing improve my game?

There are several aspects of sight fishing that will build your inshore education and improve your angling skills.

To name a handful:

  • Running shallow water
  • Finding huge schools of redfish
  • Pin-point accurate casting
  • Which fish make which swirls
  • Where to find tailing redfish
  • Which lures work best for different scenarios
  • Witness fish behavior in person
  • Learn what to do when fish aren't biting

I kept a lot of fishing reports, amassing sight fishing knowledge.

I discovered how to find the best locations for feeding redfish.

My angling skills took a huge jump as I learned to make precision casts...and more!

Sight Fishing Doesn't Come Cheap

There was a huge learning curve I had to scale!

It became apparent that not every pond had redfish in it. 

So which ones did?

I fished a lot, keeping fishing reports. I noted everything and after a lot of hard work I began making breakthroughs.

I'll never forget when I started finding big schools of redfish. Like, 100+ redfish

It's insane. Hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it in person is another.

And it didn't come cheap.

The journey involved getting stuck, breaking equipment, knocking dents in my boat and more. 

I wish I had someone to teach me these things, but most anglers were reluctant.

The subject of sight fishing is a broad one, and I couldn't learn everything I wanted in a single conversation anyways.

All I could do was fish my ass off and keep an open mind!

  • Finding clean water is tough There is a lot of crystal clear water out there, but it's not always easy to find.
  • Equipment is expensive Stands are expensive. Knowing how high to go and what to get will save you a lot of $$$. Not all welders are familiar with casting platforms, and may not make something good for you and your boat.
  • There's a lot of water to cover Its easy to run dozens of miles through the marsh and not see any redfish. They congregate in what I call a "bio-mass". If you find the bio-mass, you find epic redfish action.

I created a solution for Louisiana's Inshore Anglers

I didn't always have the Louisiana Fishing Blog, but now that I do I have the power to help anglers to get started in sight fishing.

Something to answer their questions, even the ones they don't know to ask.

So I thought, "What to do?" 

Write a book?

No, what if someone needed to ask a question? I wouldn't be there to answer it.

Hold a seminar?

Not a bad idea. But I would only have them for an hour at best. I couldn't possibly teach them everything I know in an hour!

Then it hit me like a redfish smashing a spinnerbait - Sight Fishing Mastery School

It's the perfect way to get to the fun part: seeing and catching redfish.

Sight Fishing Mastery School is a course teaching anglers everything I know about sight fishing redfish in Louisiana. 


Get straight to the good stuff: The best way to build confidence is by having fun. This means catching redfish and with my course you will know how to drive straight to them.


Avoid Heartache: Imagine your lower unit getting torn to shreds on a rock pile.

I've been there and done that! Inside my course I show you how to avoid those hazards.


Save Money: Equipment for sight fishing is expensive.

Trolling motors, stands, shallow-water anchors and more add up to the tune of thousands of dollars. 

I show you what you need (and don't need) so you can get on the water without wasting hard-earned dollars.

See what anglers have to say:

Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. 

Paul C.

This course, like Inshore Fishing 101, has answered all of those questions I wanted to ask, including questions I did not know to ask!

Captain Devin went into great detail!

Fred W.

I loved the videos of being out on the water and catching fish, the boat setup videos, and how the course was not vague.

Get Enrolled, you're backed by a 30-day money back guarantee

Get instant access to Sight Fishing Mastery School, no waiting list!

Captain Devin holding Redfish

I've got your back!

Sight Fishing Mastery School comes with instructor support from myself. When you have a question, I will be there to answer.

This way you get the best learning experience.

Is it really worth it?

It's probably happened to you. 

You bought a $7 lure guaranteed to catch fish. You were convinced it'd work, especially since it sat so pretty in your tackle box.

One day while fishing, you decide to give it a chance. After tying it on and making a few casts you begin having doubts.

Your doubt builds as you continue to catch absolutely nothing. How did you feel?

Did you feel like you got gypped? Yeah, I've been there and I understand.

Sight Fishing Mastery School is not that shiny new lure

This is not a hit-and-run gimmick like you see on late-night commercials. It's the real thing.

This course has the most important thing in the world: the knowledge required to sight fish reds.

And part of that is knowing which lures to buy and which to avoid. That's just a fraction of what is taught inside.

After all, it's not Sight Fishing School. It's Sight Fishing Mastery School.

It's an Inshore Investment

Enrolling is like investing in your inshore education. Not only is it a huge boost, but you also save tons of money while receiving support from someone who has "been there and done that".

You will spend more money learning everything yourself than if you had enrolled in the first place. 

Don't Repeat My Mistakes

The bang-for-your-buck isn't knowledge you already know.

It's the knowledge you realize you don't know and the knowledge you had no idea existed.

I would hate for you to lose your interest in sight fishing because you had a bad experience learning something the hard way.

What's Inside the Course?

Inside the course I use pictures, text and video (but mostly video) to explain the concepts of sight fishing. Here a couple for you to watch:

Your Boat is Not Too Big for Sight Fishing

How I rig my Favorite Lures

Review The Curriculum (yeah, there's a lot)

  • Welcome to the Course
  • Expectations
  • Getting to Know Your Instructor
  • What is Louisiana Fishing Blog?
The Quarry
  • Meet Mr. Redfish
  • Characteristics
  • Life Cycle
  • Seasonal Patterns
  • Feeding Habits
  • Why Redfish are Perfect for Sight Fishing
Boat Size
  • Is My Boat Too Big?
  • Intro to Sight Fishing Equipment
  • Sight Fishing Stand Part 1
  • Sight Fishing Stand Part 2
  • Sight Fishing Stand Part 3
  • Sight Fishing Stand Part 4
  • Sight Fishing Stand Part 5
  • Sight Fishing Stand Part 6
  • Trolling Motors Part 1
  • Trolling Motors Part 2
  • Trolling Motors Part 3
  • Shallow Water Anchors
  • Drift Socks
  • Polarized Sunglasses Part 1
  • Polarized Sunglasses Part 2
  • Polarized Sunglasses Part 3
  • Polarized Sunglasses Part 4
  • Polarized Sunglasses Part 5
  • Polarized Sunglasses Part 6
  • Other Things That Help You See Redfish
  • Push Pole
  • Jack Plate

Get Enrolled, you're backed by a 30-day money back guarantee

Get instant access to Sight Fishing Mastery School, no waiting list!

  • Baitcasting vs Spinning
  • Time to Toughen Up
  • Knots You Need to Know
  • My Favorite Lures to Use
  • How to Rig Them and When to Use Them
  • Scents
Setup Your Boat
  • How to Mount the Stand
  • Trolling Motor Adjustment
  • Walk-through of Captain Kevin's Blazer Bay
  • Walk-through of Gabe's Express
  • Walk-through of my boat, Gnartooth
Planning to Catch Redfish
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Water Levels
  • Water Clarity
  • Apps I use and how I use Them
Finding Redfish
  • Go Where the Redfish Are
  • The Myth of Shallow Water
  • The Myth of Clean Water and Louisiana
  • Using Satellite Imagery to Find Awesome Ponds
  • How to Identify Consistently Clean Water
  • Those Small, but Revealing, Details
  • Locate Safe Routes
  • Interpreting MODIS Satellite Imagery
  • Satellite Imagery Summary
Catching Redfish
  • Understanding the Approach (What is it?)
  • The Elements of a Good Approach
  • What "Stealth" Really Means
  • How to Cast at Redfish
  • What to do When the Redfish Eats
All Those Important Details
  • Finer Details I Must Cover
  • What I Look for When I Enter a Pond
  • What Other Fish Tell You
  • When Should You Leave a Pond
  • Success in Crappy Weather
  • Dealing With Grass
  • What Clouds of Mud Mean
  • How to Handle Spooky Reds
  • Hazards in Ponds
  • What to do When Your Boat gets Stuck
  • Sight Fishing Ethics
  • Saltwater Marsh vs Freshwater Marsh
Additional Resources
  • Podcasts on Sight Fishing Redfish
  • Louisiana Fishing Reports
  • Links to Resources
Now Launch the Boat
  • You Need Time on Water
  • Keep Fishing Reports
  • Give Me Your Feedback

Get Enrolled, you're backed by a 30-day money back guarantee

Get instant access to Sight Fishing Mastery School, no waiting list!

What else do I get?

In addition to instructor support and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, this course comes with a lifetime subscription and free updates at no additional cost! 

P.S. The time to enroll is right now. I will update and improve this course as new equipment, tactics and tackle becomes available.

When it does, the price will go up! 

You will spend more money learning everything yourself than if you had enrolled in the first place!

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