November 25

Sight Fishing Delacroix


This trip to Delacroix exposed me to sight fishing. Now I'm addicted. You may understand why.

Sight Fishing for Redfish in Delacroix

We would pull up to a good looking shoreline or pond. A lot of water we covered did not look as good in the picture, so we moved on after trolling for about five minutes.

water clarity

It didn't take long to hit paydirt.

Let me tell you something...there is no fishing like sight fishing. If we don't see the fish then we just continue to troll until we do.

We're not casting blind unless we have to...and when the water is that clear then you're not blind casting!

It was so cool to see the redfish plain as day and cast to him just right. Too close can spook him, too far away or behind and he may not notice the bait at all.

Forgive me as I did not have my GoPro or HD camera on me. All I had brought was the iPhone.

And another...

We ended up catching 15.5lbs of redfish. Not bad considering it was my first time fishing there and from that boat!

Delacroix Redfish on a Casting Platform
Delacroix Redfish

I have since built my own boat for sight fishing and have become much better at it.

If you want to learn more about sight fishing redfish then please read Finding the Pumpkin Patch or sign up for Sight Fishing Mastery School.


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