March 7

E9 – Sightfishing Reds Podcast with Jeremy Lenart

This Florida native was amazed by the incredible fishing Louisiana has to offer. Listen and learn how Jeremy Fishes Smarter in Louisiana!

Welcome to Episode 9 of Inshore Interviews!

Jeremy is an avid inshore angler who has roots in Florida's bass fishing scene. Fishing some of the best waters Florida has to offer, Jeremy mastered sight fishing genetically superior Florida-strain bass off of beds in those crystal clear waters. That all changed when he went fishing for redfish. His first school of redfish was a big one. He could see them tailing in those shallow waters of Florida's flats and, after landing his first redfish, he was hooked on chasing them.

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Jeremy loves sightfishing reds!

Chatting with Jeremy was a blast because he is so passionate about the pursuit of redfish. While he is an accomplished and well-rounded angler, he doesn't spend much, if any, time fishing for species other than redfish.
His arsenal for redfish is a vast one, with gear ranging from spinning reels, to swimbaits, to baitcasters, to spoons and even a fly rod.

He came to Louisiana a couple years ago with his job and struggled to find redfish in the same manner he did in Florida. While Louisiana and Florida have their similarities they also have their differences. Because Jeremy has a background in different styles of fishing he was able to "Fish Smarter" and zero in on his target species. Today, Jeremy finds clean water with ease and efficiently locates, closes with and makes great presentations on his quarry.

I have been fishing with Jeremy a couple times now and can tell you his approaches towards redfish are top notch. They are slow, but extremely stealthy. Redfish literally have no idea his boat is floating around the corner when they chase down and smash the lure he is presenting to them.

This Louisiana fishing podcast is a great one, so be sure to listen in! It's the best sightfishing reds podcast you will listen to.

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