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freshwater redfish

Best Redfish Action Can Be Found In Freshwater

This blog post will completely demolish your perception of redfish as a "saltwater" species.


What You Can Learn From This Lunker Bass

We learned lessons from catching one small bass, so what could be had from landing a wall-hanger?

Dink Bass Lessons

What You Can Learn From This Dingleberry Bass

This small, freshwater fish, that no one wants, taught me a powerful lesson about inshore fishing. I’d love to share it with you!


What was the first fish in outer space?

Many animals have been to space, but do you know what the first fish to outer space was? Chances are you’ve held one in your hand! Read on to learn more.

what killed the bite at the mrgo long rocks

What killed the bite at the Long Rocks?

This age-old spring hotspot was on fire, but only for a couple weeks before turning off like a light switch. These are my thoughts as to why this happened.

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