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best tackle for the redfish jubilee

Best Tackle For The Redfish Jubilee

Don't go to the best redfish trip of your life without the right tackle to catch 'em up! Here's a full breakdown of the best tackle for the Redfish Jubilee.

fishing trip review

How Powerful is a “Fishing Trip Review”?

Tired of not getting the results you want? Change gears and make the most of your fishing trips by seeing how a pro does it.

freshwater redfish

Best Redfish Action Can Be Found In Freshwater

This blog post will completely demolish your perception of redfish as a "saltwater" species.

how old redfish

You’ll Never Guess How Old Redfish Can Get

Do you know exactly how old redfish like this one can get? Keep reading to find out.


Part 1: Maryland’s Bass Tournament Knowledge Bombs (for inshore anglers)

I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out! Our waters really aren’t that different from the upper Chesapeake, and I explain how in Part One of this two-piece series.

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