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speckled trout salinity

Salinity Is Less Important To Speckled Trout Than You’d Think

How salty should a body of water be to yield limits of speckled trout? The answer flies in the face of conventional knowledge.


Where Speckled Trout Feed During Winter

Cold fronts bring many changes, and where speckled trout feed during winter is one of them. See the big picture in this blog post.

False Neap Tide

A “False” Neap Tide Will Ruin Your Fishing Trip

This force of nature will ruin your fishing trip and, to make things worse, cannot be predicted by tide apps. Discover what a “false” neap tide is.

why did i throw back these keeper redfish

VIDEO: Why did I release a limit of keeper redfish?

Such a thing is heresy in the eyes of inshore anglers, but I have a damn good reason.

what i learned at the redfish jubilee

What I Learned at the Redfish Jubilee

Just because redfish are there doesn't mean they'll bite, and this non-fishing trip proved exactly that. This blog post explains why.

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