June 14

The #1 Reason I Bass Fish

Achieve Good Angler Mindset


Fishing in "freshwater" is beneath some inshore anglers, but they wouldn't think that way if they had the benefits of doing so.


Why I Go Bass Fishing

The reason is really simple: because it makes me better.

But how?

See, in many respects, bass fishing is tougher than inshore fishing, especially catching the big ones.

 Here are some reasons why:

  1. Bass are more discerning.
  2. They have wide and hard mouths.
  3. They are usually pressured more often, especially in freshwater lakes.
  4. Bass tend to hide in thick cover, making them less accessible.

Because of this, the only way to catch bass is with techniques we inshore anglers would consider to be advanced.

Quick Note

I know I just said bass fishing is tougher than inshore fishing...in some respects, but not every.

Louisiana's inshore anglers have it tough with few ways to hide from wind, resulting in rougher water, limited casting, etc.

That and our marsh is not prop-friendly, at all.

Inside impoundments it's easy to know how deep it is, just look at a topographical map!

But the marsh? It's a lot tougher, and not doing your homework can cost you.

That is why inside LAFB Elite I harp pretty hard on navigation, revealing everything I know so inshore anglers can navigate safely in any part of Louisiana.

What techniques?

If my trip to Toledo Bend taught me anything at all, it was how much I suck at skipping lures.

See, we were fishing really thick "buck brush" on the shoreline, where flipping jigs and T-rigs prevailed.

But sometimes, it was more effective to skip it in under the branches, rather than flip between/through them.

Since that's where bass were holding, we flipped a lot of buck brush. Probably miles.

Flipping Buck Brush in Toledo Bend

Learning Point

Rather than have a bad attitude about it, I embraced the opportunity to learn something new, and have fun earning fish in a way I've never earned 'em before.

I'd rather learn a new skill anyway.

After all, any idiot can reel in a fish.

So now I've brought that skill home, and practiced a lot! Watch this video and tell me what you think.

I know this will help me fish more bass lakes, the inshore waters of Florida, and right here in Louisiana.

Because you know what? We have tons of scenarios in our inshore waters where skipping will work really well:

  • low-hanging trees
  • lots of docks
  • gas platforms

I know I'll catch fish in a whole new way, and maybe now you see why I love chasing America's fish.

Tight lines, y'all.

about the author 

Devin Denman

Devin is the founder of Louisiana Fishing Blog and enjoys exploring new fishing spots on Louisiana's coast. He prefers using artificial lures and casting tackle, but won't hesitate to break out a popping cork when the time is right.

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