January 25, 2015

The Most Badass Trolling Motor Ever

The Minn Kota Ulterra has set the bar even higher, but there a couple things it does that I find annoying.Enter your text here...

This all changed for me with the introduction of  Minn Kota's CoPilot, a trolling motor with a wireless steering system.

Soon after we were all amazed by the iPilot, a more advanced trolling motor that uses GPS to keep boats on a path and even anchored. But the iPilot wasn't completely hands-free.

What you are going to see is pretty darned cool!

Ulterra Trolling Motor Review

MinnKota iPilot Trolling Motors revolutionized fishing because of their hands-free technology. You could spend more time fishing without having to control a tiller or foot pedal.

This is especially important if you are into sight fishing for redfish like in this video. Being located in a tall tower to properly sight fish keeps you out of reach of the trolling motor, so having the remote is key.

iPilot Limitations

Yet the iPilot has its limitations, such as being unable to change its running depth without you jumping off the stand and manually adjusting it.

That becomes a tedious and repetitive task when people shift their weight around the boat.

The limitations of the iPilot don't stop there. When deploying or recovering the contraption you had to (you guessed it) do it by hand.

Granted, the release lever used in the iPilot is much sleeker than the clunky pull-cords of foot-pedal variants, but the task was not yet automated.

If you haven't seen the video yet, the Minn Kota Ulterra has conquered both of those obstacles to become the best trolling motor in the history of mankind.

In their video they show how launching a boat by yourself can be as cool as anything else you would do on a fishing trip!

Minn Kota Man

Don't mind me, I'm just being the coolest guy at the launch right now.

This is because the Ulterra is capable of deploying and recovering itself. Totally unprecedented in trolling motor history, your ability to get on the fish quickly and effortlessly is now very real.

Additionally, the Ulterra is capable of changing its running depth.

This has to be the most relevant of both abilities.

Chasing diving birds in a chop won't leave you awkwardly fussing with the keeper collar on a trolling motor so you can keep the lower unit from coming out of the water with each successive wave. Now you can simply trim the motor down. Going into a shallow pond? No problem, just trim the trolling motor up to the appropriate depth.


The Ulterra trolling motor is the ultimate sight fishing accessory.

This technology enables more people to share our pastime. Disabled veterans and people with handicaps will be able to enjoy a trolling motor more easily. Pro bass angler Clay Dyer never let his handicap hold him down, but I am sure he is just as excited about the Ulterra as the rest of us.


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  • i would highly discourage anyone from buying the ulterra. fisrt one broke the casing on the retrieve motor. only six mounths old. try manually bstowing on the wavey water.better have a quick release mount. second one lasted till one month after warranty ran out. wouldn’t stow and bent parts inside. motor has never hit anything . expensive repair.


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