December 18

These YouTubers Offer a Lot of Inshore Fishing Knowledge


By watching their videos you add more knowledge to your fishing arsenal.

The Information Super Highway (read: The Internet) is a great way for us to disseminate information. How did we ever learn anything before it?

YouTube is awesome because it's an easy and fun way for anglers to share their passion or even teach a thing or two.

So here are more than a few YouTube channels you really need to check out!

Louisiana Specks

Originally started by Todd Masson, writer for Times Picayune, this YouTube channel is no longer kept up, but it is still a great resource for inshore fishing knowledge.

Blane Foster

Blane Foster is an inshore angler, just like me and you, who has his own YouTube channel. He has quite a few videos of fishing different parts of Louisiana.

Whether you want to live vicariously through him or observe the layout of his boat and tackle, the videos are great to watch.

Danny Cosmo

Danny has posted quite a bit on Louisiana Fishing Reports and still posts fishing videos to his YouTube Channel today.

Marsh Yakkin Miller

You can learn a few things about where to fish and how to fish, especially from a kayak, in this YouTube channel.

Jon Miller

Jon regularly posts on Louisiana Fishing Reports and includes the videos he creates for them. They are great and he gives a lot of insight into inshore fishing here in Louisiana, especially areas close to New Orleans.

He is creative and makes his own rigs, like his Chalmette Rig. Watch his videos to learn more!

Dockside TV

Operated by Matrix Shad, Dockside TV is a YouTube channel that offers a lot of great information for fishing in the Greater New Orleans area, specifically Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne, ICW, Rigolets and more.


Last, but not least, is Flukemaster. His YouTube channel is one of epic proportions, but it may surprise you to learn that it is more bass-oriented than it is speckled trout and redfish.

Though Flukemaster is not an inshore angler (but he did recently caught his first redfish!) the tips and advice he offers for bass fishing work in the inshore world, too.

Bass fishing can be highly technical and is the breeding ground for new technology, tactics and tackle we use in our inshore waters. His YouTube channel is a great one and is a highly recommended watch!


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