November 28

Fishing Camps and Inshore Knowledge Have This in Common


Without a strong foundation, both will be washed away.

Knowledge is the end-all, be-all of inshore fishing.

I firmly believe an angler with good knowledge will catch more fish than the angler with better equipment.

How many times has the old man in the 12ft jon boat spanked you?

See, I've had the time to organize inshore fishing knowledge, defining their purpose and how they go together.

Some knowledge is foundational, others is more advanced. Some you cannot learn without having learned the other first.

I think the old man in the jon boat would agree with me.

Confused? Let me explain.

It's kinda like a fishing camp...

Everything we know to catch specks and reds can be broken down using a simple metaphor:

Inshore Fishing Knowledge is structured like a fishing camp.

Fishing Camp and Knowledge

The Foundation

Every building needs a solid foundation to rest upon.

Without one they will eventually fall over and crumble.

It's not much different for inshore anglers.

The anglers going straight for big trout will never succeed without first learning speckled trout life cycle and behavior.

You risk wasting hundreds of dollars on tackle that doesn't work if you never learn critical specifications for fishing line, rod, and reel first.

What will you do when your "go to" fishing spots don't produce, even under the best conditions?

The foundational knowledge of inshore fishing solves these problems.

What is foundational knowledge?

It's what brings home the bacon on every fishing trip.

Fishing guides are masters of this foundational knowledge. All other inshore know-how is built upon it.

Going fishing without it is like building a recreation room without first laying down the foundation:

The recreation room will eventually weaken and fall down. It will never stand the test of time, just like fishing trips missing that foundation.

I combined this foundational knowledge with 21st century tech to create Inshore Fishing 101.

The Stairway

Perhaps you've mastered 101 skills, and you are consistently catching good boxes of speckled trout and redfish.

You've accrued a lot of TOW and have a more intimate understanding of the marsh, and Inshore Fishing 201 builds upon that.

Inshore Fishing 201 reveals the skills and knowledge that catch fish were conventional methods fail.

With IF201, you get your "head in the water", achieving more power and control over the lure.

The Camp Itself

The camp itself is the rest of inshore fishing knowledge, and what most of us spend time thinking about.

Yes, the foundation isn't as fun as the beer fridge and TV set, but it's necessary in order to have those amenities.

This is where my other courses (i.e. Sight Fishing Mastery School) fall into place.

They're not the most effective ways to catch limits, but they sure are fun as hell!

They all interconnect.

I have these courses structured this way so you, as an inshore angler, are not left missing vital pieces.

If they were a hodge podge of different know-how, then you'd eventually realize there are gaps in what you know.

Those gaps will leave you vulnerable to getting skunked, or worse.

Missing Inshore Knowledge

If I did that, I'd be failing you.

Instead, everything at LAFB University come together like pieces in a puzzle to form a perfect image.

That perfect image is what your inshore knowledge should look like: organized, polished and waiting to rock 'n' roll on your next fishing trip.

With that knowledge you are limitless and a force to be reckoned with in the marsh!


We all love the serenity of the marsh and reward of finding a good bite!

Using the right inshore knowledge helps us get there. Some of it we are experts of, but some we must learn.

In order to learn it we must understand there are different types of it.

Organizing into a 101, 201, etc. format makes it easier to discern what we absolutely need to know and what is lagniappe.

This way there are no holes in our strategy and we return to the dock successful.

Tight lines, y'all!

Questions or comments? Chime in below.


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