August 22

Three Kinds of Inshore Knowledge

I make my living 100% from teaching people how to fish. This is how I break down inshore fishing knowledge.

Discover Inshore Fishing Knowledge

This Blog, Inshore Interviews and Louisiana Fishing Reports were all born from the need of inshore fishing knowledge available to people who wanted it.

It can be frustrating when you read a great article in a magazine (a lot of which I have) but are left wanting more. You got one piece of the puzzle, so where are the rest?

It's been my mission to provide all the pieces, not just here, but also in LAFB University.

Given this experience, I would break inshore fishing knowledge down into three meaningful categories:

  1. what you know
  2. what you know you don't know
  3. what you don't know that you don't know

Think about these categories and ideas will come alive in your mind. You are not far from discovering new inshore knowledge.

What You Know

You probably already know how to tie an Improved Clinch Knot. It's common knowledge in the inshore fishing world.

This is knowledge you already know.

What You Know You Don't Know

Maybe you don't know how to tie an Improved Clinch Knot. Maybe you never heard of it until now.

This is knowledge you know that you don't know.

What You Don't Know That You Do Not Know

There could be some other knot that is easier-to-tie and stronger than the Improved Clinch Knot. But you don't know what it is. Maybe this idea didn't even cross your mind until now.

This is my favorite knowledge! It's what I have been chasing for years and sharing with anglers.

Some I discover on my own. Some I learn from other anglers. Either way, I aim to gain it and improve myself.

Any dummy can reel in a fish. That's not hard.

Successfully navigating the marsh and locating fish? That's a whole other level, and a lot more satisfying.

I can show it all to you.

The blog and podcast has a lot of great knowledge to scratch your itch.

In fact, I encourage you to scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to use the category menu and search box to find new knowledge. It's free!

And if you haven't listened to the podcast, then you really should. It's all about awesome fishing advice from other anglers.

The Silver Bullet My silver bullet is in my inshore fishing courses. Everything you need is in one spot with instructor support.

Anglers love them and I say this confidently because of the awesome testimonials I receive!

I very much enjoyed the course.

I like that Inshore Fishing 101 has videos and drawings to explain tough concepts. I like that Captain Devin was straightforward, not too wordy, and didn't treat us like kids.

Seth J.

Great experience!

I fished as a kid, but was never really taught how to, my friends and I would just go do it and learn from trial and a lot of error.

This course puts it all into focus.

Chris M.

Learned more than I thought

I should be the poster child for Inshore Fishing 101!

I'm from Atlanta and have only been to the marsh 1-2 times before. Those times I caught a little each time. I haven't finished the 101 school yet but my scheduled weekend to go fishing was this past weekend. Me and two friends caught 2 coolers full 2 days and only 1 cooler full the 3rd day .... bad day!

Used 100's of live/dead shrimp. The fish really didn't care. The 1st two days we used a Rucker Rig. We couldn't get them to bite a popping cork. Last day we fished a shallow lake (Hermitage) and killed them using a popping cork.

David Monson


With new knowledge you grow and improve.

From that you derive satisfaction and fulfillment that eclipses anything you've experienced before.

Who doesn't want that?

Preview Inshore Fishing 101


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