June 26

They All Landed in the Money, But Only a Few Have This in Common


It became apparent to me as the results were revealed one by one...

I went to the Delacroix Hopedale event for the Redfish Series Partnered with Tito's Handmade Vodka (geez, that's a mouthful) on Saturday to watch the weigh-in and catch up with people I don't get to see that often

Note on This

One of the reasons I love coming to events like the Redfish Series is because I get to hang out with like-minded people.

Inshore anglers enjoy a niche passion that can only be understood by other inshore anglers.

The teams weighed in as I made my rounds chatting with people. There was plenty of food and drinks to help pass the time as the redfish were weighed, photos taken, then tagged and released to further that scientific mission.

Finally, the time came for the top ten teams to be announced. I watched curiously as 10th through 1st place were revealed and noticed that a few teams had something in common:

 These anglers are on Inshore Interviews.

Let me take a moment to explain, just in case you are reading this and haven't listened to my podcast.

Inshore Interviews is a weekly podcast where I interview inshore anglers to share their passion and best fishing advice. In these episodes, we drop "knowledge bombs" that angler's love.

What is a Knowledge Bomb?

A knowledge bomb is a term describing actionable advice you can use right now on your fishing trips.

They are "Aha!" moments that shed light on something not previously understood.

These knowledge bombs can be so powerful it feels like a bomb exploding inside your mind.

Episode 9 - Jeremy Lenart

Jeremy hails from Florida, where sight fishing redfish is popular.

Using the experience he's gained stalking finicky redfish, he was able to land in the money and bring home a $1,200 check.

Listen to Jeremy's Episode

Episode 47 - Josh Hall

Josh is a native of the Greater New Orleans area and has been a redfish tournament regular with his partner, Mitchell Chevalier.

Josh makes his own heavy-duty spinnerbaits that are perfect for redfish. He brought home a $1,640 check.

Listen to Josh's Episode

Episode 58 - Brandon Treadaway

Brandon Treadaway took home a $3,050 using the same fire he brought to Episode 58 of Inshore Interviews.

Listen to him talk about sight fishing redfish and operating under heavy pressure to bring home the hammers, and you will understand how he was able to land in the money on this event.

Listen to Brandon's Episode

I will see You at Weigh-In

The next event is Falgout Marina in Theriot, Louisiana. You can register by clicking here.

Even if you don't plan on fishing the event, you really ought to come out to weigh-in!

There is plenty of food and drinks and inshore conversation to be had!


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