April 10, 2017

Three Reasons You Want To Fish This Tournament


The Redfish Series Partnered with Tito's Vodka is the biggest and baddest tournament you don't want to miss. Here is why.

The Redfish Series had their first tournament April 1st at Coco Marina in Cocodrie, Louisiana.

It was an amazing success, attracting over 90 boats to the event. In the end, there were 95 boats total in the field! This has to be some kind of record for a tournament's first event!

Everything predicted in the podcast for this event came true.

But more important than that is the nature of the event itself.

It was incredibly organized with plenty of food and drinks. Weigh-in was a gathering of inshore anglers all passionate about sight fishing redfish, whether they were novices or alumni from other tournament trails.

I was there and saw over 200 redfish hit the docks, all of which were tagged and released to continue the fish tagging mission once carried out by the now defunct Louisiana Saltwater Series.

Three reasons you want to fish this tournament

The event was awesome and I am going to give you three reasons you want to fish this tournament at the next event:

1. You will become a better angler

It's pretty obvious no one enters a tournament with the intention of losing.

This forces one to find fish, not just on tournament day, but the days leading up to the tournament.

This means several things:

  • scouting new areas
  • putting time in on the water
  • trying new strategies and tactics
  • and more

Coming out of one's comfort zone is how an angler expands and improves skill sets. Skills like sight casting to specific fish and choosing shorelines that not only hold big.

Being forced to find the right kind of fish causes one to approach angling in ways he or she has never done before.

Competing has definitely improved me.

I know that I am a phenomenally better angler after spending a season fishing the Louisiana Saltwater Series.

It is without question that post-LASS Devin would skull-drag pre-LASS Devin across the marsh.

But this isn't just because of the "forced to find fish" phenomena.

I took advantage of the opportunity to rub elbows with pros who have been doing this for a long time. Guys who have cashed huge checks from catching fat reds are in the Redfish Series.

They are pros like Jamie Hough and Barnie White, both of whom are super friendly and have great advice for those willing to listen.

2. Food and Drinks Galore

Guys and gals, I was there first thing that morning. While everyone else was out catching redfish, I was back at the dock helping the event setup.

There was a ton of food and drinks for everyone once they got back from the marsh.

There was beer from Magnolia Brewing and, of course, Tito's Vodka replete with Tito's Girls to serve it.

Titos Girls

SeaTow New Orleans had food as well as LA23 BBQ and more. You couldn't walk ten feet without getting smacked with a drink of your choice or a plate of delicious hot food.

What else do you want when you get back from fishing all day?

3. There is the camaraderie

I saved the best for last but it's tough to explain. I'll try with this quote I read awhile back:

Some people go fishing to escape their lives, others go to live theirs.

For me, fishing is life.

I know everyone likes fishing and that everyone wants to go, but their true colors show when they are disinterested in the pursuit of our quarry and instead resort to looking at their phone or even asking to go back in early.

Womp womp woooomp.

The rest of us gain energy from the marsh.

We are rejuvenated by the sunrises that signal a clean slate and a day of new challenges. We are in touch with the water, not just through our senses, but how we respond to changes in the wind and tide.

We are different from other people. I know I am. When others are inside watching the Super Bowl, I am out catching speckled trout.

So when I talk about inshore fishing no one really understands what I am talking about and I realize they don't get me.

But, at an event like the Redfish Series, that is all different. I am surrounded by plenty of people who want "get it" and understand what I'm all about. It's refreshing.

Just come on out...

Honestly, you don't even need to compete to come mingle. Just check the Redfish Series website for the schedule and come watch weigh-in.

Seeing hammer reds hit the dock is a good time had by all!

Visit Redfish Series Website to Register

Captain Devin

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Devin is a veteran of the Iraq War and former fishing guide. He founded Louisiana Fishing Blog in 2012 to share his ideas as a charter captain and still writes in it today. Since then he's created a fishing university — LAFB Elite — where he teaches inshore anglers how to safely navigate Louisiana's coast and catch more fish.

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