July 18

Try This Knot For Tying a Fluorocarbon Leader

There are a dozen ways to skin a cat and there are a dozen ways to tie leaders to braided line. This is one of them.

Captain Theophile Bourgeois is an experienced fishing guide with plenty of time using Power Pro braided line. If you've ever used Power Pro, or any braided line for that matter, you know tying knots with it can be tricky!

Braided line has a thinner diameter and tends to slip more than fluorocarbon or monofilament. This is why anglers use a monofilament backer (some people use electrical tape) to secure braided line onto spools.

Otherwise it won't grip the spool and will spin around it instead.

It can be equally difficult to tie Uni-to-Uni knots with braided line. If not cinched down tight the braided line will slip causing the knot to come undone.

However, Captain Theophile (pronounced "toe-feel") uses this knot and in his video shows anglers how to tie it.

Check it out.


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